As an audiovisual engineer, I needed an efficient way to track many, many aspects of my work life. Where I needed to be, when I needed to be there, the equipment and paperwork I needed.

I needed to know who I'd be working with, and who I'd be working for. I needed to know what jobs I was scheduled to complete and by when. I also needed an efficient way to keep track of snags where the wrong equipment might have been delivered or perhaps it was faulty or we couldn't gain access to a room for various reasons.

And of course I needed to keep on top of all the paperwork that my job involved. Vehicle info like congestion charges, MOT, insurances. Crew info like certificates and personal information (that not only did I need to keep, it needed to be secure). And of course, all the information relevant to my employers and their projects.

This is okay when you're working on one job, but when you've got multiple jobs across the city, all needing different equipment, all with different schematics, keeping track of things can be a mammoth challenge.

Something needed to be done

For years I've designed databases in Access, a sailing logbook for my yacht and crew, a photography database and, of course, keeping track of expenses for all aspects of life, both professional and private.

With the audiovisual workload escalating I put my efforts into designing a database that would more than halve the stresses involved in keeping on top of an extremely complex work environment.

That database was so successful and so unique it became the backbone for ArcDynamics.

We're now a team of three (and a bit) building project management databases for small and not so small independent companies who appreciate just how much this organisational system lightens their workload.

If you're looking for a similar database, or simply a means to rationalise all your office information/data please contact us. We’ll discuss your business challenges and your goals, and look at how we can help. Together, we’ll decide if we're a good fit for you.

So here we are. Ready to attend to your needs with a load of experience, tons of energy, drive and passion. We have a vision and we are here to help you realise yours.

We are just a call or email away.

Alan, Scott & Jen