Flexible Database Design

The executive assistant

you've always dreamed of.

That person in the office who knows everything, sharing that knowledge with you as and when needed, whilst fiercely protecting privacy where necessary.

Your perfect assistant can tell you every single thing you need to know about your company.

Who's on, who's off. Who needs to be here and who needs to be there. The details of clients, suppliers, and contacts are there as you need them. It reminds you about MOT, certifications, birthdays and anniversaries. Events, courses, projects and so much more.

But, better than that longed for assistant, a database never takes a sick day, won't retire, won't engage in office politics and it costs little both in time and money. What's more it goes with you everywhere.

Above ALL it provides you with information, stats, efficiency if it's built right!

What ArcDynamics does

Keep it tidy to find it - first time!

We create this dream team member for you.

Based entirely around you and your vision for your company, what's important to you and your needs.

No matter your business, the information you have at your fingertips is your power. And we make sure you have access to it.

When the information you need to run your company is all over the place; your laptop, PC, mobile phone, not to mention various filing cabinets – or worst of all, tucked away in someone's memory - it can have devastating implications, robbing you of time, money and so much energy.

ArcDynamics takes all that information - the information you need to run your company efficiently - and stores it in one place. Secure, safe, private – yet accessible from any device, anywhere, any time.

Anywhere - Anytime

Data Clutter

Are you in that place where you need staff but budget, and to put it bluntly, you simply cannot justify the cost of staff or expensive software. We can help. We are a small business like you. We understand your situation and we want to grow too - we have a vision just like you. Let's make it OUR journey.

It's so simple to use

Screen shots of recent projects.

All the Kit and where it is installed - serial numbers MAC addresses. Click on a location and you are there.

Everything you need to know about your Suppliers. The address is a live link to Google Maps, Phone and email happens from here no need to use Outlook etc.

This is a Kanban view of kit categories. Simply drag and drop to change a category if someone got it wrong.